Effective Social Media Strategy

So, I read thought about seven or eight blog posts about effective social media strategy and I found that many of them had similar points to make.  I will go over these similarities below, but for now here is the list of the five blog posts I thought were most informative.

Maybe we can make a drinking game out of how many times Social Media Strategy is typed in this post.

From what I have gathered from these five posts are three main points when considering an effective social media strategy.



First would be setting a realistic goal and one that can be measured.  There is no point in investing time and effort into social media if your success or failure cannot be demonstrated as measurable metrics.  If you wish to have 1,000 followers on Facebook then set that goal and use metrics to better understand your successes and failings.  Using measurement tools can guide you by highlighting what works and what doesn’t.

The next, which applies to most any kind of media marketing, is to understand your target audience.  This is vital to every form of marketing but more so in social media.  The things you might ask are:

  • Where does my target audience spend the most amount of time? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ect.)
  • How does my target audience interact with friends?

If your target audience is not very active on Youtube then you can save yourself time and money posting videos that no one will ever see.

The last point that stood out to me was that even if you represent a large company you have to be real and be human.  When posting it should represent you and your brand so it should reflect how you are in real life.  When I say “be human” I mean have a conversation, be thoughtful, and be engaging


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