Examples of Good Facebook Pages

For my top five Facebook pages I took into account a few things to choose the pages.

  • Relevant posts
  • Interaction with fans
  • Quality of posts
  • Video and photo quality
  • Application on the page

#1 Web Designer Depot


The first page a chose is Web Designer Depot.  I have personally followed this page for quite some time and they definitely stay relevant.  Their posts are usually consist of one of three things.

  • Posts with links to articles or tutorials hosted on their website
  • Funny pictures that poke fun at web design such as html or java script jokes
  • Post that link to articles or photos directly related to design from outside sources

I especially like the logo they use and the banner photo which I feel fits the subject matter and is quite pleasing to look at.


#2 Hot Topic


Next would be and actual brick and mortar store, Hot Topic.  The logo and banner fit well.  The logo is very simple but impactful and the banner is just a wall of t-shirt designs but it works because that is what the store is known for.  They also take advantage of the “Shop Now” button.  There is a nearby locations application with a map and local locations displayed which is important for a brick and mortar store.  All of the posts are relevant to the brand and encompass music and fashion.


#3 Amazon.com


Another Facebook page that I am sure everyone likes and follows is Amazon.com.

The first thing you see is the iconic logo and a fun banner photo that has cute animals taking refuge in Amazon boxes.  The photos even look as though they were customer submitted adding a certain fun appeal.  Amazon also uses the “Shop Now” button.  They have special offers posted daily but a majority of the posts consist of fun images, graphics, animations, and videos that are entertaining be also link to products sold by Amazon.  They also have community guidelines in their more section which makes me think they care about the interactions of their community.


#4 Newegg


Newegg holds a special place in my heart as a PC hardware enthusiast.  Their logo conveys professionalism and the banner add makes a great statement with the words “MAY CONTAIN AWESOME.” Boldly printed with what seems to be an employee preparing to ship the awesome.  They do not, surprisingly, have a “Shop Now’ button they do link to their Instagram and Pinterest.  All of the post center around their target audience which are PC gamers and hardware nerds.  They hold contests and special Facebook deals to promote their business and display visitor posts which are usually customer service problems that seem to be swiftly resolved.

#5 Cyanide & Happiness


Ok, so this may not see applicable but Cyanide & Happiness is not just an online comic strip, it IS a business.  They sell a variety of merchandise right at the top of their page.  All of the posts are meant to be fun and entertaining.  They post video from their YouTube channel and comics that directly link to the main site of explosm.net all of which generate revenue and build their brand.  In every post they interact with the community and you can look at any post and see thousands of comments and even community creations.


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