Four Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter


First, before we get into how to use twitter for marketing, let’s define what Twitter is.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a real-time social network where people can get news about what is happening I the world, share information instantly and interact with people and businesses around the entire world.

Twitter claims over 300 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets every day.  With Twitter your business is given the opportunity to connect with and reach potential customers and even offer 24-hour instant support for product issues.

In addition, 80% of users on Twitter are accessing it through mobile devices.  If you have been paying attention, a majority of all internet traffic is through mobile devices.

Here are four ways to use Twitter for your business or brand.

#1 Listen and learn

With Twitter your business can find out what is happening in your industry and it also helps you know what your customers are interested in.  With Twitter search you can find relevant conversations that may pertain to your business and join the conversation if you think it will add value.

#2 Drive awareness

On Twitter a business can make regular communication with their current and potential customers by having those interested in your brand or business “Follow” you.  Also, a business can us Twitter ads to reach defined personas.

#3 Provide customer service

A business can use Twitter as a way to easily reach customers with technical and general customer service issues.  This builds strong relationships and trust with customers and will gain your business new ones.

#4 Connect with influencers

While on Twitter, all the barriers keeping you and your business from connecting with innovators, industry experts and top successful businesses are taken down.  You can use Twitter to spark meaningful discussion with these people or business.  This can raise awareness about your company within its field and build connections that can be invaluable.

On Twitter there is a basic layout that needs to be understood.  Here is a graphic credited to



I found this information very useful as I have never used Twitter that much and didn’t really understand how things worked.  I would recommend any business owner read all of the information at



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