Top 5 Most Useful Twitter Tools


There are many tools on the internets today to help marketers master the Twiter-shpere.  I personally stopped counting at 90 tools.  So after a little thought here are my top five useful Twitter tools in no particular order.



At first it seems as though is just a service to shorten your links, right?  This is incorrect.  A free account will give the user access to a dashboard where the user can shorten and share links to multiple Twitter accounts.  You can also see analytics for any links that you share through the dashboard.  You can also apply the API into other applications such as Tweetdeck to get statistics for links shared through those applications also.  Plus, you can even create your own custom short domain so that you can match your domain to your brand.

#2 Buffer


Buffer allows the user to schedule tweets to be tweeted at certain times throughout the day.  This will help you to not spam 20 tweets within an hour to your followers.  You may have 20 ideas for tweets but this way you can keep your good ideas and spread them out over time.  Buffer also offers analytics on your tweets that will help you determine what your audience loves or hates out of the content you share and the times of the day your tweets get the most interaction.

#3 HootSuite


HootSuite is a freemium tool.  This means you can use the free plan to manage fewer than five social media profiles and offers analytics.  There is, however, a Pro version of the application that lets you have unlimited profiles and includes enhanced analytics, the price isn’t too bad for only $5.99 USD per month.


PAPERLI is a quite different application from the last three mentioned here.  It allows you to collect tweets and curate them, manually or automatically, into a newspaper styled format which can be automatically shared on your Twitter account daily.  You can collect tweets from followers, users on a specific Twitter list or anyone that mentions a particular hashtag.

#5 Twitterfeed


Twitter feed allows the user to add RSS feeds that will be shared automatically through the user’s Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts every time there is a new update to the RSS feed.  Also, it is not limited to your RSS feed, you add RSS feeds of other people to be shared.


As I said at the beginning of this post, I found 90+ tools to use for Twitter and there are probably hundreds.  This is not and end all be all list but these applications seem to be the most useful for marketing yourself or your brand in a timely and efficient manner.


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