5 Crucial Pinterest Points For Business

I have research five different blog posts and articles on how to use Pinterest for your business or brand.  After reading all of them I have come up with five main points that I found to be the most important.

#1 Plan for Pinning

Over at amyportfield.com she has an extensive list of The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business.  One of the most useful was her #1 in the list “Plan for Pinning Success”.  I found that just setting yourself up to go on Pinterest takes a bit of prep work.  You need to set up your account properly so that it applies to your business.  Also, you need to add code to your website in order for it to be verified.  You can also gather all the pin buttons for your blog or website at business.pinterest.com.  She also explains that before you start on Pinterest, you should have your website and blog ready by adding the “Pin it”, “Follow Me”, and “Pin It Bookmarklet” to your website and/or blog.  Oh and don’t forget to integrate all your other social media platforms with Pinterest too.

  • Here are the TL; DR bullets.
  • Take time to setup your account
  • Use the Pinterest Business Centre
  • Prepare Your Blog for Pinning
  • Integrate with Other Social Media Platforms

#2 Create and Curate

Almost every blog and article I read stressed this point.  Create original content and curate content from followers and even other businesses that are relevant to your business.  Your boards should not just be all about your business too.  They should include content that relate to your business.

#3 Pin Inspirations

At least one of your boards should contain content that inspires your products and business.  They should be places, people or moods that can define your brand.  This is also another way to Repin curated content.

#4 Pin About Your Customers

Creating boards that give your customers recognition is a great way to build relationships with them.  They should tell customer success stories.  So if you post a recipe or a How-To content and a customer uses this content successfully then make sure you show case them.  Plus, customer centric boards are a non-intrusive way to demonstrate customer testimonials.

#5 SEO that Shiz!

SEO, SEO, SEO.  Every business should have an SEO plan specifically for Pinterest since boards and pinned content are searchable through Pinterest.  No one will find your awesome content if it doesn’t match common keywords or phrases.  The board should have a keyword, the description should have the same word at least twice and that same keyword should be used in every pin to that board at least once.

After going through these five blogs/articles:



Hootsuite Blog



Pinterest seems very interesting and fun.  I love creating things in Photoshop and Illustrator, so this seems like a platform I would highly enjoy.


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