Benefits of YouTube for Businesses

With over 1 billion visitors each month, YouTube is where all the eyes are at.  Both small and large businesses can benefit greatly using YouTube for both internal and external communication and marketing.

Instead of summarizing entire articles, I feel it would be better to share the most important points from each article.

Executive Presentation

Executives tend to have the responsibility to create presentations to show investors and their workforce how the company is doing financially and to showcase new innovations or ideas.  YouTube can help by giving executives the ability to post a video of the presentation to YouTube and embed it on a website that can be accessed by both investors and off site offices and employees.


With this being the digital age, a large amount of jobs require training on the use of proprietary software.  With screen capture software the employer can literally show the employee where to click.  Using YouTube makes the training even better because the company does not have to host the video on a server of their own but just embed it from YouTube and an employee can access it from anywhere, even from home.


Companies invest a ton of money every year in both help desk support for the company and technical support for their customers.  Embedding YouTube videos on the company website that cover common support problems can alleviate stress on help desk and technical support employees, leaving them more time to tackle more pressing problems.


Gone are the days of posting ads in newspapers and magazines.  Sure some companies still do it just to cover all of their bases but 30 pictures per second can be priceless.  YouTube videos can showcase products, give demonstrations and provide product data.

Fun and Engagement

Make content not commercials.  Sure you could post a dull commercial selling your cheap razorblades.  With the millennial generation being the largest demographic consuming content on YouTube, companies must make their advertisement videos fun and creative. is the first example that comes to mind.

Everyone starts at Zero

Many businesses and brands get really excited about making a YouTube channel and promoting themselves in fun and interesting ways.  A good amount of them get discouraged, not seeing enough subscribers and likes on their videos.  Now more than ever it takes time and patience to build a YouTube audience.  Competition is fierce and everyone, even billion dollar businesses start at the bottom.


YouTube, believe it or not, is one of the top used search engines.  When it comes to a videos title, Google recommends using keywords first and branding second.  Tags in a video should be your main keywords.  In your description should be some sort of call to action like linking to your website and other social media platforms.  Strangely enough, Closed Captions should be important too.  It provides another opportunity for keyword usage.

Over the past decade we have seen online video media skyrocket in popularity.  To many it is their main form of entertainment and information.  Everyday creators on YouTube can make millions of dollars from their living room with a good camera and great content.  YouTube IS where business should be.




Udemy – Wayne Ford

Queensland Government



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