5 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile


After looking through multiple blog posts about how to build your LinkedIn profile, I have found that there are general tips and out of the box methods to make your profile stand out to those you wish to connect to or seek employment by.

I have broken the tips into 5 key points I have found to be most impactful to me for creating a LinkedIn profile that I can be enthusiastic about.

#1 Proofread Your Entire Profile


Your LinkedIn profile is online for everyone to see just like every social media platform.  As with everything else you may post on the internet, there is an unwritten rule if you want to look professional.  That is to have your spelling to be perfect and grammar to be good enough to pass for the average graduate.  I personally write as though an average person was reading my material and not English majors.  Also, I would recommend typing everything you would post on your profile into a word processor such as Word and doing a grammar/spellcheck.  These days there is no excuse for misspellings and common grammar mistakes.

#2 Be Honest and Do NOT Lie


So, there is this thing we all call the Internet which encompasses way more information about you as you would like to believe.  If you lie on your LinkedIn profile about anything, you will be found out.  It is incredibly easy for employers and contacts to verify all the information displayed on your profile.  Not lying on your profile will not only reflect upon your honesty as a person but will also show how ethical or non-ethical you are.

#3 Be a Striped RAID (Redundant)


You should define at the most your top five strengths pertaining to your field and hammer those home and repeatedly.  These should be skills that you want to be known for and not just things you may have done on occasion.  If your top skill is with computer graphics (Illustrator) then you should describe your proficiency in the summary as well as multiple experience descriptions.

#4 Be A Ninja


So you have had a LinkedIn profile for years but it is not up-to-date and you want to add to and critique your profile to look more professional.  Even when you update old positions, description and experience, your contacts are notified and your wall will be filled with updates.  This is annoying and can make it seem as though you may have just obtained the position you have updated.  You can temporarily turn off your activity broadcast by going into ‘Settings’ and under ‘Privacy Controls’ and turn off your activity broadcasts.

#5 Have A Professional Profile Picture

Your picture should reflect your role in your industry in some way and should be professional.  The profile picture should be of high quality and recent.  Do not take a selfie as though you would be posting it on Instagram.  Also, a really fascinating tip, in your profile picture you should be facing toward your content of your profile.  This will subtly direct the viewer to your LinkedIn content, looking away may reflect disinterest.

LinkedIn is a great source to find contacts within your industry and to land future employment.  Always remember that your LinkedIn profile is not just a resume online.  It is you.


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