4 Examples of Social Media Monitoring Tools

So you have all of your social media sites setup to perfection.  You have great content, good direction and a brand you can believe in.  But wait, how do you know how far those tweets, blog post and status updates are taking your brand?  Or who is reading them, mentioning your brand and where your brand stands on the social media spectrum?

Well, you need social media monitoring tool, preferably free ones, to track your brand and presence on social media to give insight on both the macro and micro levels.

Here are four social media monitoring tools that I have found to be the best in my opinion based on reviews from other bloggers and news sites and in no particular order.

#1 Social Mention


Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the world into a single stream of information.

This tool enables you, as a brand, to easily track and measure what people are saying about your brand, company, or products in real-time.

The amount of social media sites this tool monitors is staggering to me at 100+ different sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.  It does come with a slight catch though.  While being free to anyone for personal and non-commercial use and limits queries to 100 per day, the site does state that commercial use must be purchased but for an unknown amount and the user is asked to contact them.

#2 Talkwalker


With Talkwalker you can setup a search query for your specific keywords or phrases you use and then narrow the returned results by type, language, frequency and quantity.

With this tool you can monitor social media about your name, brand, or competitors.  I like that you can keep an eye on what the competition is doing and how well it is working then adjust your strategy in kind.

Talkwalker gives the user brand mentions over time, and sources where these mentions occur.  It allows you to learn about the performance of your brand mentions, engagement levels and influencers that are talking about you or your brand.  There is also a world map that gives you pie charts in every locations showing sentiment is each country.

#3 HowSociable


This tool allows you to measure yours and your competitors’ social media presence.  It offers paid and free account and the free account allows you to track 12 social media sites which also includes Tumblr and WordPress.  The paid account will allow you to track up to 24 if you feel like shelling out a bit of cash.

This tool is different in the way that it breaks down your social media presence by magnitude and shows you scores for each site.  This will help you see which social media platform is best for your brand and which ones have a need for improvement.

#4 Twitonomy


Twitonomy will give you a range of metrics for free but the premium features will give even more precise statistics for a subscription on $19 per month.  Just by signing in with your Twitter account you are given a large amount of analytics about your account.  You can even add your competitors’ Twitter handles to gain knowledge about their activity on Twitter too.  Twitonomy will show you details of your Twitter lists, followers and followings, your most popular tweets and engagement statistics.  It also allows you to track conversations based on hashtags, users and lists.  These details are displayed in easy to understand graphs and stats.

There is a plethora of tools a user can use to monitor their statistics about social media platforms.  These stats can be simple or highly in-depth and can offer great insight to help a brand make on the fly adjustments to their social media strategy and even look back in time to see what works and what doesn’t.  Tools like these are a must for anyone getting their feet wet trying to market themselves on social media platform.


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