4 Examples of Top Brands Owning Instagram


It is pretty clear now-a-days that Instagram isn’t just a social media site for foodies and teens.  According to Pew Research 26% of the users on Instagram are adults.  Visual content is a crucial part of any brand or businesses social media marketing strategy.  Instagram offers a unique space to visually showcase your brand or products and give them personality.

So check out my list of 4 brand/businesses that use Instagram to its greatest potential.  This list is in no particular order.

#1 Subway

I have written about Subway before and how they have social media wrapped around their finger.  They use Instagram to not only showcase their signature sub sandwiches but to express a quirky personality.


The images and photos Subway posts on their Instagram account range from obviously prepped food pictures to well thought out and imaginatively fun photos that not only features their sandwiches but adds a personal human aspect to them.  Their target audience is most likely 18 to 35 men and women that like to eat healthy and live fun and eventful lives.  Subway definitely hits the target on Instagram.

#2 Staples

Staples on Instagram does everything pretty well.  In particular, they do two things exceptionally well though.  They engage followers with questions and calls-to-action in their captions.  If you look at the comments on some of their photos, you will see that followers have fun with it.


For example, they have a graphic of emoji’s that represent a riddle.  They ask followers to solve it and this gets customers and potential customers involved and talking about them.  Also they have fun animated GIFs they post as well.  Their target audience is probably men and women in their 20s-late 30s that work in an office environment.  They hit the target using fun, inventive and engaging posts that make office workers feel relevant.

#3 FedEx

It can be very surprising which brands really get Instagram and know how to get people to notice them.  FedEx is one of these brands.  The way they run their Instagram is they take submissions from outside parties and then pic the very best photos to post.  The key is that they all feature FedEx employees or equipment. It is almost like FedEx trucks and planes are like unique wild creatures rarely caught on camera.


This strategy gets people involved and gets them to think twice about the FedEx delivery guy or a truck they see passing by.  Their target audience is very broad and not precise because everyone orders and ships packages occasionally.  I think they are trying to promote a trusting relationship with every possible customer.

#4 Sharpie

Wait.  Sharpie like the permanent marker?  YES!  You can make some amazing pieces of artwork using a simple tool like a sharpie, Sharpie knows it and flaunts it.  They take customer submissions and post them to their Instagram account.


They not only post the best, some works are simple but thought provoking and obviously drawn by children.  Others, though, are amazing pieces of work.  This, just as FedEx has shown, gets customers very involved with the brand.  It shows who is most important to Sharpie and that is their customers.  Their target audience can be anyone, really.  Teachers, parents with children, students, men and women.  I think they are reaching everyone they possibly can with this strategy on Instagram.

You could obviously see how some of these companies could flourish on Instagram.  However, any company with the right strategy can rock it.  We can see this with FedEx, Sharpie and Staples.  The time is over for straight food pics.  Now with well thought out photos and inventive strategies companies can make Instagram their attention getter when it comes to social media.


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