5 Blogs I Subscribe To

The first blog I subscribe to is the Friendly Atheist over at Patheos.com.  This is a blog written by Hemant Mehta about all things that are atheism related.  He also has various contributors that post on his blog from time to time.  These people are usually important movers in the secular atheist movement.  I subscribe to this blog because the posts keep me up to date on news pertaining to atheism such as separation of church and state, religious freedom and freedom from religion.  Hemant even has a Youtube channel, TheAtheistVoice, which discusses topics that he covers in his blog.  The Friendly Atheist also has a podcast that ties into his blog and Youtube channel.


The second blog I subscribe to is The Angry GM.  In this blog the writer discusses topics that cover all forms of Dungeon and Dragons including games like Pathfinder but in a bluntly rage fueled way that I find entertaining.  He writes his blogs with the angry shtick that is reminiscent of a grumpy old man yelling at little kids to get off his lawn.  Also, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to D&D and even play a drunken weekend campaign with friends on roll20.net.

The third blog I follow is Marc Schenker and Ezequiel Bruni at webdesignerdepot.com.  Marc and Ezequiel blog about topics specific to newcomers and veterans of Web Design.  I find them very informative because my field of study is Web Design and reading blogs from professionals in the business helps me keep up with design trends.

I also follow the blog Scibabe, short for science babe and a parody of the foodbabe.  She blogs about topics in science and skepticism.  Her blog is interesting and fun.  I specifically enjoy her blogs on Woo, that is pseudoscience and alternative medicine, it entertains and bewilders me the lengths con artists will go to and the gullibility of people in general.   Although her posts can get a little TL;DR for me at times, I highly enjoy them.

Lastly I follow the blogs at The Skeptics Guide to the Universe written primarily by Bob Novella and Evan Bernstein.  They write about a wide range of topics but with a scientifically skeptical point of view.  I subscribe to this blog because science amazes me and I am amazed even further by how everyday science news is released and we take it as fact then it turns out to be a sample size of one, not peer reviewed and not replicated enough to be considered science fact.


Why I think social media marketing is interesting

I believe that social media marketing is not only interesting but can have a significant impact on future employment as a student.

A business can thrive or die in the social media space as we have seen with viral ad campaigns and huge mistakes made with bigoted twitter posts from certain companies.  However, as the old saying goes “Any publicity is good publicity.”  Even if a company makes distasteful ads and remarks, the only important thing is that people on social media are talking about them.  This equals more website hits and more sales as a result.  The company may gain marginal infamy for a moment but the publicity will help them profit in the long run.  Being edgy and even hated on social media can make profits increase.

As an individual though, especially a student seeking employment, your social media presence should, in my opinion, reflect your interest and apply to the career you seek to have.  For example, I wish to land a job in the Web Design field so on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin I follow design magazines, design websites, my favorite graphic designers and share or retweet from those sources.

Also, I find the fact that social media can spread ideas, both good and bad, at light-speed.  With social media the exchange of ideas leading to new innovations in science, technology and social progress amazes me to no end.  Large strides in progress have been made due to social medias impact on the world.  To name a few, The Arab Spring, Legalization of gay marriage, decriminalization of marijuana, church and state separation progress.  Social media even brings a “safe place” for social minorities to “come out of the closest”, not only does this apply to LGTBQ people but also to atheists and feminists.

Overall I think social media has benefited society and social progress all over the world.  Now an American atheist can have a discussion with an ex-Muslim atheist that is terrified of being killed.  A person struggling with sexuality can find support and “friends”.